About Us

Archangels of Justice is a reality podcast that follows two experienced private investigators, as they look into different cases involving misclassified murders, law enforcement corruption, and the wrongfully imprisoned. Each episode will take the viewer on a journey through these complex cases and give the families point of view along with law enforcement and crime scene experts. The Investigators, Salvatore E. Rastrelli and Ira B. Robins review actual cases to identify the problems within the justice system and determine the cures. They seek to reverse the breakdown in public trust, alleviate the hostility on both sides, and reduce the number of senseless deaths. Both are former police officers and private investigators with more than 88 years combined investigative experience.

It’s been easy for law enforcement to misclassify crimes like murders as suicides or robberies as thefts because of inept police work, to reduce their crime statistics, or to tip the scales to wrongfully convict someone they decide is guilty, or to protect one of their friends. They cover-up their own criminal conduct involving wrongful death and brutality by hiding facts and lying. Rastrelli and Robins have the courage to assist those who have had their civil rights trampled by corrupt police and prosecutors. They review cases submitted by victim’s families, find the ineptitude or misconduct, and reveal methods to alleviate the problems in order to effect change. Cases will be reconstructed based on the forensic evidence and investigation showing what the police say happen and what the evidence proves actually happened. Listen spellbound as they present the story given by the police and prosecutors. Travel with them as they investigate, find new evidence, and provide expert opinions. The people have a right to know the truth and the viewing audience will be the final judge.