AoJ Case Files Update and New Weekly Show Preview

Archangels of Justice wanted to give a little update on where we are with our new season and also a preview from our new weekly show. It has been an exciting time over these last few months and we cannot thank you enough for all the support we received during our first season of the podcast. We are currently working on the episodes for our new season which will be about the Leonard Peltier case. Leonard is a Native American Activist who is currently serving two consecutive life sentences for the murders of FBI agents Jack Coler and Ronald Williams in 1975.


Exploitation of Elderly

Physical abuse against a senior citizen entails any use of physical force likely to result in injury, physical pain or impairment. Common forms of physical abuse include hitting, striking, beating, pushing, shaking, pinching, kicking, slapping and burning. Other examples of abuse applicable to elderly individuals are force-feeding; excessive use of physical restraints or drugs, if used inappropriately; and holding someone against their will, referred to as false arrest.

Emotional and/or psychological abuse typically is defined as an act that causes emotional pain, distress or anguish. Common forms of emotional/psychological abuse include verbal assaults, intimidation, humiliation, threats, insults, harassment and treating senior citizens like children.

Any non-consensual sexual contact with an elderly person is considered sexual abuse. Additionally, sexual contact with an elderly person who is incapable of giving consent or who is too confused to fully understand what is happening also is sexual abuse. Common forms of sexual abuse include unwanted touching, sexually explicit photographing, forced nudity, and all types of sexual assault and battery (such as rape and molestation).

Abandonment occurs when a designated caretaker or legal guardian leaves an elder person to fend for him or herself. While it includes elements of neglect, abandonment is the total desertion of an elderly person. Common examples of abandonment include leaving an unsuspecting victim at a nursing home or shopping mall, or otherwise turning one’s back on his or her supposed responsibilities to care for the victim.

Exploitation of Children with Learning Disabilities

Children with learning disabilities are more vulnerable to sexual exploitation than other children, and face additional barriers to protection and receiving support, according to a new report

Types of Exploitation

  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Emotional Maltreatment

Child Custody Cases

Physical abuse of child goes uncharged many times and DCF is not doing their job

Wrongful Convictions

The U.S., which leads the world in incarceration of its citizens, has approximately 2 million people behind bars. That means a wrongful conviction rate of 1 percent would translate to 20,000 people punished for crimes they didn’t commit. On death row, 1 in 25 are likely innocent, according to a recent study.

Unfair Sentencing between public and police for similar crimes

If a police officer unlawfully harms a citizen, the officer is subject to assault or homicide charges—no different than if the officer committed these crimes off duty. However, if a citizen unlawfully harms a police officer, the citizen is automatically subject to aggravated assault or aggravated homicide charges, which carry more severe punishment.  In fact, some states make the intentional killing of an on-duty officer a capital offense. Enhanced charges in police encounters are thus asymmetrical. They only apply if a citizen harms an officer but not if an officer harms a citizen.

  • Police Shootings
    • Since 2005 only 77 police officers have been charged with murder and of that only 26 were convicted. Averages out to about 5 per year

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