Sheena Morris Ep 8 – A New Chapter Begins

In the last episode of this series, we will be joined by few different people in Sheena’s life. We will also talk about our theories of what we think happened that morning and update our listeners on where the case is today. As we close the Sheena Morris case, we wanted to bring in some other people in Sheena’s life, including one of her good friends, Kelly Holland, her step-father, Kevin Osborn and her step-mother, Lisa Lane. I will also have Sheena’s mother, Kelly Osborn and our two Archangels, Sal and Ira, who will talk about what they think happened that morning and their final thoughts on the case.

After sharing stories about Sheena, we read a statement from Sheena’s father, Dave Morris and Sheena’s mother, Kelly Osborn. Then we will give an update about all the people involved with this case and how the FDLE continues to cover up inept police work. This is not only happening in Florida but across the country.

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2 thoughts on “Sheena Morris Ep 8 – A New Chapter Begins

  1. My son died 2/13/2017 while in company of 2 others who alibi each other so there was no investigation of them so the police ruled it a suicide. There is 7 version of this event and an incomplete and inaccurate ME report ad to DOB , age and even sex (female in stead of male) and many inaccuracies in police reports and CSI photographs There is blood clean up and items placed to discredit the dead. I have requested an independent review but i am not getting anywhere with my request.Please can you help me since i am desperate for closure.Thank you

  2. My son was found dead with a bullet through the back of his head on January 11, 2010. From the condition of the body and things I found in his apartment, my best guess is that he died early December 2009. There was an article in the Herald-Tribune on January 12 stating that the police did not suspect foul play. This was in the paper before the Sarasota Sheriff’s Dept. had notified me. In their lame investigation they informed me that his death was a low priority for them. I will say there was one person in the ME’s office who seemed to really care. I will admit that they did not have much to go on, but it took 4 months to identify his body. Even though I was told when he was found that if the bullet went directly through the back of his head it would indicate homicide, it turned out that was the case and the best I got was undetermined instead of suicide. Unbelieveable?

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