Sheena Morris Ep 7 – The Archangels Affidavit

In the penultimate episode of this case, we will be discussing the Archangels of Justice federally filed affidavit, then provide the evidence that representatives of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida State Attorney deliberately worked in concert to ignore and cover-up the criminal conduct of police officers and the inept investigation of detectives during the reexamination of the death of Sheena Morris. In fact, their conduct was designed to misdirect the entire purpose of the reexamination. Their criminal acts of conspiracy, filing of false official reports, and obstruction of justice have violated the Civil Rights of Sheena Morris, Kelly and David Morris, her family, and offend anyone who believes in truth and justice.

These law enforcement officials must be dealt with harshly and according to law, otherwise they will continue to get away with these criminal actions. We will also be discussing the options for Sheena’s family as they continue to move forward to seek justice in this case. Whether these officials would be found guilty in a civil or criminal trial and how that case would play put in the court room. Finally, we will look at the reasons why this case was not investigated properly in the first place.

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