Sheena Morris Ep 6 – The FDLE Investigation Pt II

It has been over 4 years since Sheena died and finally a Florida Law Enforcement agency interviews the main suspect, Joe Genoese. We will we listen to the main suspect in his first and only official interview by Art Brown and the FDLE. Listen as we show multiple times, the FDLE could have questioned Genoese about previous acts against Sheena but choose not to do it. We also look at the difference in statements made by other witnesses at the New Year’s Eve party. What Genoese says happened and what the witnesses saw does not match up.

Finally, we look at the investigative techniques the FDLE and BBPD used to come to their conclusion of suicide, but also, show how they ignored hard evidence in their quest to prove suicide. We look extensively at the things said in the report but also language used to describe Sheena Morris. The FDLE report talks about the public misconceptions but uses little hard evidence to confirm or deny any of them. Listen and you will understand how the FDLE and BBPD went about covering up this case and allowing a murderer to walk free.

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