Sheena Morris Ep 5 – The FDLE Investigation Pt I

We examine the official findings from the FDLE in the death of Sheena Morris. This report was submitted in the wake of the national attention Sheena’s case received. It picks up on Oct 31, 2013; it has been a year since the Dr. Phil Show aired Sheena’s episode and Genoese’s failed polygraph test was seen on national television. We give the full record directly from the FDLE report.

The Archangels of Justice will show how both the FDLE and BBPD ignored evidence based on their own statements in the report. Also, the FDLE clearly ignores violations of police protocol by BBPD, conveniently picking and choosing their words. When you listen to this episode understand that the victim here is Sheena Morris not Joe Genoese and the BBPD. After listening you will understand why the family is so angry with what is said in this report.

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