Sheena Morris Ep 4 – The Dr. Phil Show

Finally, Sheena Morris gets the investigation she deserves by a local reporter, Lee Williams. His findings lead to national exposure for Sheena and is even featured on “The Dr. Phil Show”. We talk about the events that lead to this appearance, including the march Sheena’s family organized in New York and Florida. The family’s meeting with the Bradenton Beach Mayor and the pushback they got form the Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale. When Lee Williams article hits the internet everything changes and the FDLE reopens the case.

Sheena’s mother and father confront Genoese on “The Dr. Phil Show” and he is confronted with times he was physical in his past relationships. Then the family learns the results of the polygraph test he took earlier with world renown polygraphist, Jack Trimarco. After he is confronted by this test, he argues that the results are rigged and wants to take another. The Bradenton Beach police could care less about the results but the FDLE reopens the case and there is hope for Sheena’s family.

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