Sheena Morris Ep 3 – A Family’s Fight Begins

In the days after Sheena’s death, Joe Genoese leaves her family with more questions than answers. Sheena’s family begins packing up her apartment and Genoese continually making it harder for the family to coup with her death. Genoese leaves Kelly and her husband with Sheena’s car payment after agreeing to pay for the car. Sheena’s family will not give up and push Diaz to finally interview Genoese about all the inconstancies with his story. Then Sheena’s family takes the investigation into their own hands and has Sheena’s body exhumed for a 2nd autopsy.

When the 2nd autopsy is preformed it is discovered that Sheena’s hyoid bone and that is was kept by Sarasota Medical Examiner’s office because they thought there was something strange with the death. On March 22nd 2012 Sheena’s death certificate was officially changed and the manner of death now reads “undetermined”. Instead of reopening the case the Bradenton Beach Police and Det. Diaz argue with the Medical Examiner about her findings. Sheena family is about to give up when they are contacted by producers from the Dr. Phil Show.

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