Sheena Morris Ep 2 – The Days After

We pick up with Sheena’s family in the days following her Death and fiancé alarming actions. We also look at the way the Bradenton Beach Police and Detective Diaz treated Sheena’s family when they brought up inconstancies about her death.

​We investigate all the details that were missed by the Bradenton Beach police and why Sheena’s fiancé’s actions were so concerning to the family. Sheena’s mother and father talk about confronting Genoese and how he responded. We also talk to Sheena’s family about they saw in Genoese’s behavior and the stories they heard about him in the days after Sheena death.

​We will look at how the Bradenton Beach police continued to fail Sheena after her death. We talk to Sheena’s family about the clues they found and they were ignored by Det. Diaz & Bradenton Beach Police.

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