Sheena Morris Ep 1 – Intro to Case

In the inaugural season of the Archangels of Justice Case Files, we look at the Sheena Morris case, who according to the Bradenton Beach Police and the state of Florida, hung herself on New Year’s Day 2009 after a fight with her fiancé. This series will explore the events surrounding the case and how Sheena’s family has continued to fight for justice to this day.

Shortly after midnight police receive a 9-1-1 call from a hotel guest in the next room reporting an argument involving the couple. Two police officers respond and pass the man coming down the stairs. Unknown to the police, the woman made her own 9-1-1 call to the local county sheriff’s office. Later that day at approximately 2 PM the police returned to the same hotel room in response to a request from the hotel because dogs were barking. They find Sheena Morris deceased, hanging from the shower faucet by a dog leash. The case is closed before the parents are even notified.

​We will look at how the Bradenton Beach police failed in the time leading up to and after Sheena’s death. We will also look at how subsequent investigations failed to look at missed clues by detectives and how the FDLE ignored the blatant police misconduct.

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